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ARTeMIS Newsletters – May 2024

ARTeMIS Newsletter – May 2024In 2023 we have a series of webinars about ARTeMIS Modal. All webinars are free of charge and only require that you register before start. The [...]
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European naval sector

Structural Vibration Solutions strengthens the European naval sectorDue to our strong expertise within vibration analysis, we have been invited to take part of the dTHOR project, which is financed by [...]
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IMAC conference 2024

IMAC conference, 2024It was a pleasure to be back at the IMAC conference. This year’s International Modal Analysis Conference was held at Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, Florida on 29th [...]
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ARTeMIS Newsletter – March 2023

Solution to help protect from growing damages Our new vibration-based Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is a software platform that is designed to perform advanced vibration-based SHM analysis obtained from a [...]
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