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ARTeMIS Modal is a highly specialized vibration testing software designed for OMA, EMA, ODS and SHM analysis.
Below you find more information about the various types of software versions, so you can decide which tool suits your needs.

ARTeMIS Modal Basic

Modal Analysis at a favorable price

This is the basic version having a frequency domain method for Operational Modal Analysis, Operating Deflection Shapes analysis, and optionally direct data
acquisition support and two frequency domain methods for Experimental
Modal Analysis.

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ARTeMIS Modal Standard

Everything the Basic version has and more

The mid-size version of our testing software has all the tasks and features of the
Basic version. Besides this it also has additional frequency domain methods for
Operational Modal Analysis as well as validation tools for modal parameters. 

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ARTeMIS Modal Pro

Everything the Standard version has and more

ARTeMIS Modal Pro is the ultimate tool having all the features developed over
the last two decades. It has up to eight operational modal analysis methods and
supports several plugins for e.g. automatic file upload, automatic modal estimation
and damage detection. 

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New subscription-based license model for all versions of ARTeMIS Modal

ARTeMIS Modal at a favorable price

Subscriptions are made on a yearly basis, and you will be notified three months before end of a subscription period, that it is up for renewal. You will automatically receive an invoice per email two weeks before beginning of a new subscription period.

Licenses are sent automatically to you by email once payment is received. Should you wish to discontinue the subscription, you just have to inform no later than three (3) months before the end of the current subscription period. Licenses will automatically stop working by the end of the subscription period
or in case the subscription is not paid.

During the subscription, you can upgrade to more advanced versions of ARTeMIS Modal and add any additional plugins you might need.


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