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If you are looking for a software system that can help detecting both rapidly and slowly growing damages of
a structure, then ARTeMIS-SHM probably is the solution for you. Our new vibration-based Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) system can help plan inspections and maintenance of structures more effectively, reducing unnecessary inspections, and you get much earlier notice with ARTeMIS-SHM, comparing with other systems, when the structures dynamic behavior is changing.

4 reasons to use the new ARTeMIS-SHM

Our ARTeMIS-SHM solution is a software platform that is designed to perform advanced vibration-based SHM analysis obtained from a range of commonly used data acquisition systems. It has very sensitive algorithms implemented that can extract maximum information from the dynamic measurements. With ARTeMIS-SHM you will get the most out of your measurements.

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ARTeMIS-SHM – Web-based Structural Health Monitoring
March 2024

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is defined as the periodical monitoring and analysis of structural response of a structure to determine whether its material and/or geometrical properties are changing or not.

Rapidly growing damages occur when a structure has exhibited a severe event, such as an earthquake or ship collision. In these cases, ARTeMIS-SHM can notify if the structure has suffered significant damage that affect the structural performance. The notification can be issued after approximately 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the structure. This is valuable for the assessment of evacuated buildings that otherwise needs physical inspection.

Slowly growing damage is very dangerous, and the cause for many collapses around the world every year. ARTeMIS-SHM can detect even very small changes of the dynamic behavior of a structure with a high degree of accuracy. This enables engineers to get an early warning when e.g., cracks or corrosion starts affecting the structural performance.

Our ARTeMIS-SHM software platform is designed to plug into any new, or already installed, data acquisition platform that can stream raw time domain recordings to short time data files. Typically, these short time data files have a duration of 5-10 minutes. ARTeMIS-SHM will then read these files and do the required data analysis, notification, reporting, and web-based presentation.

ARTeMIS-SHM for Structural Health Monitoring of the S101 Highway Bridges, Austria
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Inspections and Maintenance

An SHM system can help plan inspections and maintenance of structures more effectively, and thus prevent expensive and unnecessary inspections or worse prevent too long inspection interval, which can result in loss of life and property. 

Reducing unnecessary inspection and maintenance will also help lowering the costs, and at the same time lower the down time required.

Emergency Response Planning

In earthquake prone regions many structures can be affected by shaking at the same time. If the structures in the region haven’t any SHM systems installed, inspections are most likely required on all earthquake sensitive structures. Here the bridges along the emergency response routes as well as hospitals etc. are the priority for inspectors. It can be a very comprehensive work for maybe a few inspectors. Since earthquakes typically are followed by severe aftershocks, the inspection procedures in many cases need to be repeated multiple times.

If SHM systems are installed on the critical structures, then these systems can be used to better plan which structures need to be inspected first and which can wait.

Many Hardware Suppliers and Consultant Companies

In general, SHM involves many disciplines and as such you will find many suppliers when you search the internet. Most supplier will be companies producing hardware such as data acquisition system, and static and dynamic sensors. Other companies will be consultant or asset management companies offering their services in perhaps predictive inspection and maintenance. 

Many of the hardware producing companies will be offering some light-weight analysis software on top of the data acquisition platforms. Light-weight analysis can be various visualization of the measurements and channel statistics, and perhaps simple modal analysis like frequency domain peak picking. There is no doubt that in many cases it is possible to get much more information extracted from the same recorded measurements.

Strong Motion Analysis and SHM goes Hand in Hand

In case of seismic monitoring systems, the data acquisition system is often waiting for strong motion events to happen. During these event Strong Motion Analysis as well as Interstorey Drift Analysis are typically conducted. Basically, any data acquired in between events are not used and rejected after having stayed in a ring buffer for some time. This “idle” state data contains valuable information of the state of the monitored structure and is the primary data source for ARTeMIS-SHM long term monitoring tools. ARTeMIS-SHM is as such a complementary tool to any Strong Motion Analysis software. ARTeMIS-SHM also has Strong Motion Analysis tools as well as Interstorey Drift Analysis tools available.  

At Politecnico di Torino we actively use the ARTeMIS software in our research activities as this software is worldwide recognized as a “state of art” in Operational Modal Analysis. In several cases we use ARTeMIS Modal Pro as the computational engine for structural health monitoring. Most exemplary case is the dynamic monitoring of the new Genoa S. Giorgio bridge, built after the tragic collapse in 2018. Here the ARTeMIS software is integrated into the permanent monitoring system.
Prof. Giulio Ventura, Ph.D., Politecnico di Torino, Department
of Structural, Geotechnical and Building Engineering
British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) are using the ARTeMIS software platform for the analysis of the bridge seismic data. The advanced tools in ARTeMIS have enabled full automation of large amount of data analysis from multiple bridges in real time.
Yavuz Kaya, P.Eng., PhD. 
Senior Seismic Structural Health Monitoring Engineer

ARTeMIS-SHM can detect structural collapse up to a week before it happens

We have customer proven results showing that ARTeMIS-SHM can detect structural collapse up to a week before it happens, when at the same time companies own developed tools only detect same collapse a few hours before.

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