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Direct Data Acquisition Control

ARTeMIS Modal now includes plugins that enable direct control of data acquisition modules. This allow recorded measurements to be directly saved into the active project.

General features are

  • Seamless integration with all other tasks in ARTeMIS Modal.

  • Direct streaming of measurements to ARTeMIS Modal test setups.

  • View acquired time series real-time.

  • On-the-fly calculation of auto spectral densities and singular value decomposition (SVD) of spectral densities of user-selectable channels.

  • Multiple recording modes: Manual start/stop, predefined interval of time, triggered start, continuous recording with optional ring-buffer.

  • Supports IEPE sensors with or without TEDS.

  • Works with all versions of ARTeMIS Modal from release 5.1.

Currently supported hardware platforms are shown below.

Download DDAC product data

National Instruments

ARTeMIS Modal communicates with the National Instruments API called NI-DAQmx, and all modules handled by this API can be used in ARTeMIS Modal. The below example makes use of two 24-bit NI-9234 units each with 4 channels. As sensors eight B&K 4508b (100 mV/g) accelerometers have been used.

SINUS Messtechnik Gmbh

Supported Hardware

ARTeMIS Modal currently supports the following hardware from SINUS Messtechnik:

  • Apollo Box, 2–4 Channels

  • Apollo Box light, 2–16 Channels

  • Soundbook, 2–8 Channels (use expander for additional channels)

  • Apollo PCIe, 2–16 Channels per card

  • Tornado, 16–24 Channels

  • Typhoon, 48–192 Channels

HGL Dynamics Dragonfly

Dragonfly - HGL Dynamics

Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik (HBM)

Tested hardware is: MX1601, MX840 and MGCplus.
Prerequisite to use the HBM devices is the HBM Common API 6.2

QuantumX Data Acquisition System | DAQ | Supplier | HBM
MGCplus | Data Acquisition System | DAQ | HBM



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