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Structural Vibration Solutions A/S

Structural Vibration Solutions A/S is the developer of the ARTeMIS Modal software for Operational Modal Analysis. We are focused on the mission to be the leading provider of Operational Modal Analysis solution in the world and to follow our vision to develop Structural Vibration Solutions that every engineer can use

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The company was founded March 1, 1999 as a spin-off from Aalborg University in Denmark. Our patented software is today used e.g. by mechanical engineers for modal analysis of operating machinery and components, and by civil engineers for ambient vibration analysis of large structures like bridges and buildings.

Structural Vibration Solutions A/S is located at NOVI Science Park, which is one of northern Europe’s most respected science parks. The location plays an important role as NOVI Science Park secures the close relations between the company and the research from Aalborg University.

Our departments

Today, SVS has departments in Denmark, Portugal and Republic of North Macedonia. The software is developed in Denmark and Republic of North Macedonia, and sales support for distributors as well as direct sales are handled from Portugal. The main office is located in Aalborg, Denmark at NOVI Science Park.

NOVI Science Park
Niels Jernes vej 10
DK – 9220 Aalborg East

Rua Miguel Russel, 10-5º Esq.
Quinta do Marialva
2855-120 Corroios

Republic of North Macedonia
Blvd. Partizanski Odredi 78/1-271000 Skopje
Republic of North Macedonia


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