Software for Operational Modal Analysis

For two decades ARTeMIS Modal has been the preferred software for Operational Modal Analysis (OMA). The modal analysis technology for the vast number of cases where it is preferred not to control or measure the loading. The software is used by engineers all over the world for modal analysis of all kinds of structures. Read more >>

Operational Modal Analysis

ARTeMIS Modal is an open, and user friendly platform for modal testing, modal analysis and modal problem solving. If you can measure the vibrations, ARTeMIS Modal can give you the modes in terms of mode shape, natural frequency and damping ratio. ARTeMIS Modal is the most powerful and versatile tool for Operational Modal Analysis on the market today. Its ability to produce validated modal parameter estimates, based on parallel analysis of up to seven different analysis techniques, makes it the natural choice in mission critical applications. Read more >>

Structural Health Monitoring

ARTeMIS Modal Pro has a series of plugin modules designed for Structural Health Monitoring purposes. All the modules make use of the new external storage feature that allows ARTeMIS Modal to store thousands of measurements in a single project. There are plugin modules for Damage Detection, Historical Modal Parameter Tracking, Interstorey Drift Analysis, Automatic Data Upload and Notification Services. Read more >>

Modal Analysis of Rotating Machinery

With ARTeMIS Modal modes can be extracted from operational measurements of rotating machinary. The software has advanced techniques for detection and reduction of harmonic excitation, and the modal estimation techniques used are optimized to work with this type of challenges. Read more >>

Direct Data Acquisition Control

ARTeMIS Modal now includes plugins that enable direct control of data acquisition modules. This allow recorded measurements to be directly saved into the active project. Currently, modules from National Instruments and SINUS Messtechnik are supported. Read more >>

Customer Case Studies

Please have a look at our Case Studies page that presents a range of real-life examples, where ARTeMIS Modal has been used. Read more >>

Job Opportunities

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