Software for Operational Modal Analysis
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The ARTeMIS name stands for Ambient Response Testing and Modal Identification Software. It covers all the tools an engineer needs to perform a high quality modal analysis without knowing the forces acting on the structure and while the structure is in operation. This technology is in general known as Operational Modal Analysis.  

New ARTeMIS Modal 3.0 - Try it Today!

The Ultimate Tool for Operational Modal Analysis

Now Introducing New Robust Damage Detection Plugin

  • Fast and automatic detection of dynamic changes

  • Implicit testing of all modes from DC to the Nyquist frequency

  • Statistical testing - Robust to e.g. temperature changes

  • Integrates seemlessly with any third party Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) system

  • Handles years of measurements due to a new project storage type.

  • No user interaction needed once detection is configured.

  • Contact us to try it for free on your own data!

  • Damage Detection Plugin - Product Information


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Case Studies - ARTeMIS Modal
Infante D. Henrique Bridge
Damage Detection of the Dogna Bridge in Italy

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