Software for Operational Modal Analysis
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The ARTeMIS name stands for Ambient Response Testing and Modal Identification Software. It covers all the tools an engineer needs to perform a high quality modal analysis without knowing the forces acting on the structure and while the structure is in operation. This technology is in general known as Operational Modal Analysis.  

ARTeMIS Modal 4.0 Released - Try it Today! 

The Ultimate Tool for Operational Modal Analysis

New Features in ARTeMIS Modal 4.0

  • Now available in 32 and 64 bit.

  • New Slave Nodes Equation Editor allowing custom equations for individual mode shapes.

  • New data file formats. The National Instruments TDM and TDMS formats are now supported.

  • New Outlier Removal tool allowing easy removal of measurement outliers and other unwanted spikes.

  • Support for input channels through data file upload and upload of FRF's from Universal File Format. A basic Experimental Modal Analysis method based on the Frequency Domain Decomposition technique is now available as an additional plugin.

  • 3D Data View for all SHM Plugins. See this exciting new feature along with the other Structural Health Monitoring modules at this link.

  • Improved Assign DOF Information task and new Channel Information window allowing easy changes to all channels.

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Case Studies - ARTeMIS Modal
Vasco da Gama Cable-Stay Bridge
Heritage Court Tower
Prolec GE Transformer

Damage Detection of the Dogna Bridge
High-rise Building during Northridge EQ

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ARTeMIS Modal - Operational Modal Analysis

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