Mode Organizer editor

The Mode Organizer is located in the Project menu. In the Mode Organizer all the estimated modes are listed. In an example where three modes have been estimated by both FDD and EFDD in the Building Model example, (mes32set), the mode organizer window looks as below:

To the left of the Mode Organizer window a tree structure is located. The tree structure consist of the following tree items, see below:

When selecting one of the tree items in the three structure the following will be listed in the mode list window:

All Modes

Lists all the modes

Imported Modes

Lists the imported modes

Spectral Density Modes

Lists the modes estimated by the FDD or EFDD techniques

SSI Modes

Lists the modes estimated by the SSI techniques UPC, PC or CVA

To the right of the Project Modes tree structure the following three tab windows are available: