The Slave Node Equations tab (Mode Organizer Editor)

The Slave Node Equations tab window, located to the right in Mode Organizer, is an editor where you can write or paste new Slave Node Equations. In the case of the Building Model example the Slave Node Equations tab looks as shown below right after the project has been created using the SVS Configuration File:

You can modify existing equations or add new equations while you are animating the mode shapes, and immediately see the change. In the case of the above example, we have estimated a mode using the Frequency Domain Decomposition Peak Picking editor and split the screen view horizontally so that the mode shape animation of this mode is viewed below the Slave Node Equations editor.

Now, try and add a new constrained value of 0 cm in the Y-direction of node 3:

When you start editing in the slave node equation editor, the Update Modes button on the Project Toolbar becomes active. Pressing the button immediately updates the displayed mode:

The update of course depends on whether the new equation has been correctly entered. If an error occurs a message will appear explaining the error, and the line where the error occurred will be highlighted. You can also update the equations/modes using the context-sensitive menu by right-clicking the mouse inside the editor.

If you want to define more complicated constraints to one the nodes then look at The Equations Keyword.

If you have created the project using the SVS Configuration File and you want to return to the original equations, use the Import Slave Node Equations. This import will overwrite all current equations.

This editor supports the General Editor Options for copy, cut, paste and print.