Mode List View

The Mode Lists are present in the following editors:

Below is shown an example of the Mode List View.

The list presents the following information about an estimated mode:

There are some general options which support all the above mentioned editors. These options are:

The List View Organization

The modes shown in the Mode List can be shown in four different ways; Large Icon view, Small Icon view, List View and View Details view. The modes in the Mode List in the picture above are shown with details. The options are available in the View, List View Organization menu or from the context menu by clicking the right mouse button.

Export Modes

You can export modes by selecting the modes you want to export. This is done by marking the mode(s) with the left mouse button followed by a click on the right mouse button to enter the context menu. Then click on Export Modes and select the file format you want for the exported modes.


There are two kinds of file formats you can export to:

Note: You can also import modes by clicking on the Import Modes button in the toolbar. It is only possible to import modes which are stored in UFF file format (*.uff).

Delete Modes

You can delete modes by selecting the mode(s) you want to delete by marking the modes with the left mouse button.

From the context menu you can delete the selected mode(s) by clicking Delete Mode, by clicking the Delete button in the Main Toolbar or by pressing <Delete>

Write a comment to one of the modes

In the Comment field the user can write a comment to the selected mode if wanted. The comments are entered by double-clicking with the left mouse button on the white field as shown below: