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Operating Deflection Shapes of a High Rise Building

In this example time domain Operating Deflection Shapes (ODS) of a 54 storey building in downtown Los Angeles, California are studied.


The 54 storey building in LA
The displacement deflection shapes are based on a 20 channel earthquake record and the recorded event is the 1994 Northridge earthquake.

The measurements and the input file has been provided by Professor Carlos Ventura, University of British Columbia, Canada.

In the analysis the measured acceleration signals were double integrated and calibrated to obtain the displacement Time Domain Operating Deflection Shapes. All of this is automatically performed in the ODS task of ARTeMIS Modal.


Related Information

C.E. Ventura, B. Laverick, R. Brincker, P. Andersen.
Comparison of Dynamic Characteristics of Two Instrumented Tall Buildings
Proceedings of the 21st International Modal Analysis Conference (IMAC). Kissimmee, Florida, 2003.


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