Prepare Geometry Task
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The Prepare Geometry Task is placed in the Setup section of the Application Task Bar for the simple reason that a graphical geometry is the foundation of an ARTeMIS Modal project and many other post-processing packages need this information too. So the first step will always be to have a geometry available.

In this task you can create sophisticated geometries from the scratch or you can import them from a file and optionally add more to it. In either cases you will need to familiarize yourself with the Geometry Generator.

The geometry generator is object orientated, which means that you create basic geometry objects and you bundle these together to form the complete geometry. All the steps will be illustrated by use of a simple example. The complete geometry is shown below and is also stored in the BuildingModel.amp project file as well as an SVS Configuration File in the Examples\Building Model folder.


For a step-by-step introduction see the Geometry Tutorial.

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