Historical Statistics Information
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Historical Statistics Information is a part of the Data Manager Base Plugin and it is available in case any of the Damage Detection, Modal Parameter History, Drift or Data Acquisition Plugin is available.

The statistics can be performed on the processed channel data (by default) or on the raw time series data.

The following statistics types are available:

The Statistics can be performed on a single channel on which all of the statistics types may be displayed or on a Test Setup in which a single statistics type is displayed on all channels.


Single Channel Statistics


The user can switch between Processed and Raw data and can also select which type of statistics to be displayed. Additionally the user may select between a bar and a continuous line type of presentation like in the image below


Test Setup Statistics - All channel statistics


In case a Test Setup is selected in the Data Organizer, then on all channels, a single statistics type defined in the Properties window is being displayed.

The user can again toggle between the Processed or Raw Data statistics