Storage Type
Application Platform Description > Application Button > New Project > New Project Wizard > Storage Type

The Create New Project Wizard allows you to customize the ARTeMIS Modal project.

Depending on the amount of data will be used for processing in the ARTeMIS Modal application, the way the data is being gathered and used among different users, the user can decide the Storage Type of the project.

So the first step from the Create New Project Wizard is the following:

Internal Storage 

This option will create a single .amp file and the whole contents of the project will be stored inside this file. Due to some OS limitations of maximum file size, this option is recommended for projects with small and medium amount of data. If this options is selected then only a single session is allowed per project. This project type is basically the same as with the ARTeMIS Modal versions before 3.0

Next step leads to the Project Type page.

External Storage

This option will create a .amp file containing only some basic information and the remaining part (the large part) of the data will be divided into multiple smaller files stored in a designated directory. This option is recommended for projects with large amount of data. In this project type the user can import multiple sessions and perform the Analysis History. Depending if the Damage Detection Plug-in is available then additional features are allowed.

Next step leads to the External Directory page.

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